Friday, 16 December 2011

Sword Girls Online

Sword girls online is a strategy card based gametype with the visuals of anime published by Changyou. A very new company to the world of MMO's as of 2011, as a first game it shows some pontential of strategy. The game consists of simulating the gameplay after choosing the cards, as you know the main basis of the cards are all girls. The main attraction is mainly for the anime lovers (That's right I'm talking about you otakus out there). Quite unique as a game because of the wide variety of clans and each card when battling together are stronger. This game resembles much to Urban Rivals where cards are also involved. The game consists of many characters which are cards. Changyou seems to be based around anime style games, whatever the gameplay may be. Anime style games seems to be getting really popular due to the style being unique. Hopefully by reading the whole review, you can make your decision on whether you would like to play this game or not. One more thing that I would like to add is the fact that the company emailed me in order to review, so feel very privileged in reviewing this game very early.

Sword Girls Online Gameplay, Card MMO
Sword Girls Online
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