Friday, 30 December 2011

Karma Online

Karma online is a 3D MMO FPS game made by joymax set in the WW2, which shows you an insight to WW2 guns, scenaries and real battle grounds. Joymax to start off is a reasonably popular company as they published Silk road which is a popular MMORPG. Since this was a relatively new game in 2011, I didn't think it would get popular in my opinion because what I would assume is that the genre it self is out dated or just not in fashion. For a free to play game, it offers many guns and costumes for free players, of course if you pay you would have a lot of benefits. I dont know the reason for releasing a WW2 style game but I noticed that some of the guns used was actually in Call of duty, this is where it all became clear. If you have played this thoroughly, you would notice that many aspects are from Call of duty, the aim down sight, sprinting, map creations and so on. I do not think they meant for me to compare it to a console game but it very much reminds me of it. Most of all I think Joymax has really out done themselves, as right now it is proving to be very popular at the moment. This game brings a classic feel to it but with upgraded graphics makes this game also new generation.

Karma Online
Karma Online Gameplay Screenshot
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