Friday, 30 December 2011

Mythwars Online 2

Mythwar 2 Online is a turn-by-turn 2D/2.5D game made by IGG offering a different side to many of the other MMO's out there. Mythwar as you can tell has gone a long way as it has made a sequel of the original one. I have to say the original had so many improvements to be done such as translation, general movement bugs etc. During beta was at its peak of performance in the number of gamers in Mythwar 1 online, but slowly started to "die" out which is why a sequel just had to be made. Mythwar is unique in its own way as this is the only MMO that has a sequel which is quite surprising. As you can tell, I have been with Mythwar since the start of the game so looking at it now, is a big improvement. The main website looks as all MMO sites do, has a fantasy theme, which actually help new players as information is given on how to play the game. So as all fans know, I will be reviewing this game out of gameplay and graphics out of 10.

Mythwar Online
Mythwars Online 2 Screenshot
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