Saturday, 26 May 2012

League of Legends: Dota Rip off?

League of Legends is a dota style free to play MMO published by mobafire, offering a mass community with a world wide appeal. As many of the MMO gamers know, it is based on the whole Dota aspect however, with improved mechanics of the original. League of legends has been widely accepted by gamers to still be a unique MMO as it is free to play with epic champions. As we undergo this review, keep in mind that moba does fully support Dota and so the developers themselves have accepted League of Legends. Moba first introduced this game in 2007, during the release, much work had to be done, many champion balancing issues and interface glitches, however recieving support from the community allowed the game to stabalise. Other similar games that are Dota style is of course Heroes of Neweth which is slightly less popular than League of Legends.

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