Friday, 30 December 2011

Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is 3D MMORPG game made by Ariagames offering a game much like Fiesta Online where it shows many aspects of the game such as the monster desgins. I'm not entirely sure if the game is made by the same engine but in many ways Grand Fantasia is different. Showing another anime types graphics which is still getting increasingly popular. An overall effect on the game is quite childish and gives a good atmosphere, in fact the game itself encourages people to make friends so it is more sociable than most games with limited chat. I like many features of the game such as sprites which actually introduces the pet system in the beginning of the game. Personally I think that this game is a bit simplistic for more of a young group rather than teens because games like these are usually played by much younger people. This game to be honest does not appeal to me as it lacks depth and originality of the game.

Grand Fantasia
Grand Fantasia Screenshot
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