Friday, 30 December 2011


Poxnora is a turn by turn tactical MMORPG made by Sony, similar to Dofus except the gameplay times are considerably longer. Poxnora gives a new experience to tactical games as they treat your spawns as "cards" which most games do not do. Poxnora is unique in itself just by the name, I have been observing the development of Poxnora and up until now is a big improvement. Quite surprisingly, the game is made by Sony entertainment which you don't see everyday. It's hard to believe a console developer is developing a free to play game. As we all know Sony is very successful so I do not have to go in detail about their history and how good they are at developing games. The unique concept of "cards" has got me interested as I could just be a collector though that would be very boring and not have a purpose in the game. What I like most is the "meaning" of the game as you can choose to play a ranked match or just a training match where you nothing to lose. The game itself has an in-depth story about each side of the game. As it is an extremely popular company, premium cards are always the winners to be fair, though for free to play users would not lose that easily.

Poxnora Gameplay Screenshot
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