Thursday, 29 December 2011

Combat Arms

A FPS game made by Nexon offering an amazing 3D graphical game offering just the best enjoyable gameplay. Nexon has been known quite a while because of the amount of diverse guns which every FPS game needs. The variety in guns makes this game enjoyable to play. What I really like is that you can mod your weapons, for example you can attach a M16 with suppressor. Nexon itself is a successful company offering many free to play games such as Maplestory which is extremely popular in many countires. Combat Arms has been in many top mmofps lists and most of the time comes first. To develop an FPS game like this is absolutely insane as it is very popular. The server sometimes cannot keep up with the amount of players. In this review I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game and the conclusion will be written through a rating of 10.

Combat Arms
Combat Arms Screenshot

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