Friday, 30 December 2011


After certain changes to the game, Dofus has re-released the new features of the game and is currently being developed. As most of you gamers out there, this game is mainly for a younger audience however hardcore MMO gamers are welcome to try this game as well. It seems that Dofus needed to go through many changes, I'm wondering mainly because of many places being unable to fight monsters and the map itself is quite confusing. The main aspect that I find they still have not improved in is the introduction to the game. As I start to make a new character in the game, I find myself having trouble when trying to navigate around the map. Ankama is fairly an experienced company in developing games, therefore the changes should be good. Dofus seems to be full on when releasing updates to improve the content of the game. As some of you guys know, strategy is not exactly my way of playing, as a typical gamer, I feel the game lacks excitement and thrill which is needed to long appeal to any MMO's out there.

Dofus MMO Gameplay
Dofus Online Gameplay Screenshot
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