Thursday, 29 December 2011


BeGone is an epic FPS browser based game developed by Nplay offering a blast from the past. Many shooters are being developed and so BeGone is one of those games which is continually being developed. Nplay as a game company is quite new considering they have actually published only 2 games in counting as of 2011. It seems that this company is heavily trying to succeed in browser gaming and if you have played this game before, it truly is surprising how detailed the quality of the game is. As my prediction of this company, I would guess that it will go very far with the detail of work that is going on. InvinciCar Online is another game that is developed by Nplay which provides similar graphics to BeGone. Since the graphics are the similar, I would say that the company seems to have a graphics engine, much like TQ Digital where the graphics are the same. This offers an intense gameplay which for a browser is amazing for its kind. The gameplay and graphics is really amazing considering it is a browser based game. One aspect of the game which I prefer is actually having logins to the game rather than just picking a name, it feels more like an arcade game.

Nplay Begone
BeGone Gameplay Screenshot
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