Thursday, 29 December 2011

Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a strategy MMO developed by Nexon offering a unique insight to online gaming and therefore has been popular. The idea of having a turn by turn final fantasy style game while hiring mercenaries is really unique. Nexon did not actually create this game as the company Ndoors actuallt sold it to Nexon, though I do not understand why because it is now extremely popular. For users who had an account in Ndoors can recover their account in the Nexon website which is good though most users would consider not to join Nexon as their reputation of security is poor. None the less, the game itself is excellent in what they have to offer. Nexon as a game developer is actually not bad considering the games they are still developing and who could ever deny Combat Arms to be an excellent game. The popularity of Combat Arms is what made Nexon really popular in my opinion. As you know, the game actually went international which brings a bigger audience of users. Atlantica actually brings real life locations for the users, and has some of the most popular land marks, of course you can choose where to start.

Atlantica Online
Atlantica Online Gameplay Screenshot
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