Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blackshot Review

An FPS games called "Black Shot" made by Twowar offers a different side of shooters. Following other elements of other MMOFPS like a limit on how long you can keep a gun. What I like most is that it counts the time you played with the gun not the amount of days played. The game types are less than unique as they have very typical game types:

Team Deathmatch Flag
Search and destroy
DA (Not sure what it stands for but it is a PVE mode)
Team Death Match

Blackshot Screenshot
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Battle of the Immortal

Battle of Immortal is a MMORPG made by Perfect World who is famous for Perfect World International. Battle of Immortal is a very typical MMORPG except all you have to do is quests. This game is not very well known and is a developing game which give you the chance to get ahead of everyone before it gets popular. Made perfect low spec computers which is a good idea since it is a new game. Battle of Immortal kind of exaggerates the weapons a but I guess it's their style. I am hoping for many improvements of this game but until now, I am going to review this game the way it is now. I am going to review the gameplay and graphics of this by giving it a rating out 10.

Battle of the immortal
Battlefield Screenshot

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Battlefield Heroes Review!

Battlefield Heroes is a game made by EA which is quite rare considering they sell games for consoles, this game offers a third person shooter with unique classes and abilities. The graphics is very cartoony and quite cheesy but thats what the gamers like about it, many people play for fun and just admire the graphics, like me. I just really like how people can make their own server and play it, there is a veriety of maps suiting your style which the classic close quarters, medium land and huge land able to fly planes. So let's get started, I will be writing about the graphics and gameplay and give a rating out of 10.

Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Screenshot
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Aika Online Review!

Aika Online is an epic 3D MMORPG made by Gpotato offering a beautiful playing style. With typical elements of most RPG's but improved and almost evolved as a whole of both gameplay and graphics. The first time I actually played this game is when I truly noticed the true detail of both story line and graphics. Gpotato has really out done themselves as they have released a very unique game, I cannot believe the work put on to this. With a modern touch to this Gpotato has released a class with guns but magic and melee is still introduced. As the depth of the story line goes, apparently the god of the actual playing world is called Aika fairly enough and has "created" races but somethings went wrong(More on that later). In this epic review of Aika I will be introducing the main aspects of the game which make it unique to play and watch.

Aika Online
Aika Online Screenshot
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Adventure Quest Worlds Review!

Adventure Quest worlds is a turn-by-turn browser based game made by Artix Entertainment offering cartoon graphics and many other aspects from its previous games made. An adventure quest world is a complete resemblance to games like Adverture Quest which is the most famous one, Mechquest and many more. Artix has made it a massive variety of games and is continuing to develop new and improved games but what is unique about this series is that you can finally play with characters meaning it’s an MMORPG officially. During the beta stage of this game, I thought it was literally impossible to host a flash based server, I was right there had to be a load of maintenance but hey, it’s now a massive game.
Adventure Quest Worlds Screenshot
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Allods Online Review!

Allods Online is a MMORPG game made by Gpotato offering an epic adventure on questing as to level up you need to quest your way through which in some ways is good and enjoyable but maybe in some ways extremely long gameplay times. The overall gameplay is much like WoW but I have to say places where you fight is massive area offering all classes to fight to their full advantage. In this review I will be talking about the gameplay and what kind of MMO it is and the graphics, whether it is good or bad.

Allods Online
Allods Online Screenshot
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9Dragons Review!

A game originally made by Acclaim but moved on to Gamersfirst. This game offers many different clans residing with either the dark or light. I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game has to offer. The most unique aspect of this game is the diverse number of clans available but one thing that is a problem, hardly anyone now makes new account, so all I see high level people around my place. The hype is not that much but does not mean it should be discredited. I think before Gamersfirst actually takes over a game, they drastically need to think about how they are going to maintain the game. This game lacks many of the essential things like website information in the home page information, just the basics to get a noice going.

9Dragons Screenshot
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4Story Review!

4Story is a 3D MMORPG made by Zemi interactive offering a WoW feel to it as the gameplay matches a lot to it. As review this gameplay many aspects are still different from the real thing and you have to consider that this is a F2P game which gives you the best PVP experiences. The overall gameplay is very fluid and not static like most games are, the graphics offers extremely low graphics but also high end graphics which is quite nice. In this review I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics but not the story as you can check that out for yourself. Be aware that this review is based purely on my opinion, if your opinion differs then comment and see what you think.
4Story Screenshot

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New Blog Created!

Well as you know my website: PictureOne has very limited access on users opinions and therefore I have opened up a blog so that you can give your opinion on MMO's and the reviews that I have written. For checking out the reviews written, you either check the main website or this blog. Since I have just started my blog I am going to introduce the reviews I have written from the very first one.