Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ace Online

Ace Online is a free to play 3D Sci-fi MMO made by Subagames, offering an unique experience to new generation of mmo's as it involves an action packed plane simulator. As I first heard about this game, I assumed it was going to be stable because a flight simulator is not always "stable", I would expect there to be many glitches, but they proved me wrong. The general concept is actually quite unique in many ways, and so it is getting extremely popular. Subagames, as of 2011 is still a relatively new in the mmo industries but many other games such as Mission Against Terror(An FPS shooter) is very stable and popular. The Sci-fi theme is also getting extremely popular as you can have a lot of freedom to add space type scenarios. In terms of diversity in game, is relatively medium meaning most player have gone to high levels and therefore other place to train or already up to PVP. There are still many new users coming online giving this game a try.

Ace Online
Ace Online Gamplay Screenshot
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