Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a 2D dimensional MMORPG made by R2Games offering a browser based game which claims to be the best browser MMORPG, but how did they work that out? Since it is a browser game, I am guessing that the game is indeed limited to a certain point such as the main objective is to level up till you get to the PVP experiences. R2Games is a rather new company as of 2010 and they are quite new in the whole MMORPG industry but it looks like the have done their research. I do not know for certain that they are indeed the best MMORPG browser game because there are much more games more popular and successful than Crystal Saga. Crystal Saga is still moderately popular although many games in their beta stage would be popular. I would like to see how the development stage of this game would be. Though it is a browser based game, many people with lower end PC can enjoy this game as the requirements are not insanely high, as for audience, I would say that the much younger generation would play this game. They must have many excellent aspects of the game besides leveling for R2Games to claim that it is the best browser based game. As a reviewer, it is my opinion to decide whether it falls into the category of the "best".

Crystal Saga
Crystal Saga Gameplay Screenshot

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