Saturday, 4 February 2012

Army Rage

Army Rage is a free online FPS published mainly by Yacuba Games offering a very wide spread free roam battlefield of mayhem. As for the company, it seems that they have first published this game in Korea although no surprise there. One of the first game that was published in the late 2011, could be considered as a 2012 game. It truly amazing to see such massive maps, have not seen as much freedom since Warrock although now Warrock has been degrading ever since. As for Yacuba game, very oddly I have noticed that the logo is actually from an anime character called "Reborn", quite weird to be copying the character however; I do not think the anime has copyrighted the character. Anyway, back to main topic, Army Rage seems to be the first game FPS game Yacuba has published. As far as I played this game, seems to offer a wide spread, free roam and very large maps enough for a MASS battle. An epic shooter to compliment, and so to explain in full depth, below are my opinions.

Army Rage
Army Rage Screenshot

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