Monday, 9 January 2012

King of Kings 3

King of Kings 3 is a free to play MMORPG published by gamingo, a moderately popular company as they are in fact known for publishing MMORPG's. King of Kings 3 brings a totally new experience to the typical MMO's out there with no originality. Tremendously amazing view of the world as you can zoom in to 3rd person or zoom right out showing the overview of the landscape. King of Kings 3 is mainly known for the popularity in Guild activities. PVP plays a big part in this and so is extremely popular with many players who have practically played for years. As for the company's reputation, they have made many new games which are in fact very popular. It is amazing to see this game and actually enjoy. Hopefully this review will tell you many good aspects of this game and change your mind on how it is played. For those people who think this game is very inadequate are ignorant as they have not played the game to it's fullest. Despite many people appreciating this game for what they bring in the MMO world, many who have not even played this game are already critisising it which is very unfair. It truly is amazing to see the amount of work done to this game, very frequently updated to fix many of the games' bugs and errors.

King of Kings 3 Gameplay
King of kings 3 Gameplay screenshot
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